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Spring Queening: Progress Report

April 24, 2009
Some supplies: eclipse bucket and duster from Casabella, Twist bamboo cloth, loofah sponge and Euro sponge at Delight, and Parsley Plus from shopOrganic.

Some supplies: eclipse bucket and duster from Casabella, Twist bamboo cloth, loofah sponge and Euro sponge at Delight, and Parsley Plus from shopOrganic. (Photo by me. Clearly.)

Things got started in earnest around here yesterday when I got home from work. I had to wait on the deck guy to come get his check (it’s finished, more on that later!), so that deterred me from taking a nap. That and I’d taken Sudafed at work and was still rather cracky. I’d modified my road trip playlist a little bit for some good and loud fun stuff to listen to while I cleaned…Madonna, Britney, Rihanna, M.I.A., Kanye…and Duran Duran, which is the best cleaning music ever.

Anyway. Thursday night I forced myself to at least start on the kitchen. I cleaned all of the counters, small appliances and stove using one thing—the Parsley Plus all-purpose cleaner from shopOrganic. Not only did it ease through the gunk from the little Cuisinart grill (turns out the grease sometimes oozes out the back) and take out some errant paint spots, it also shined up the coffee maker and my beloved red Viking mixer and blender. It was equally fabulous on the stove. I emptied out my two utensil crocks and put them, along with all the utensils, into the dishwasher. I also noticed that I have too many of the same thing, and IDed some items for the yard sale box.

Last night I tackled the bedroom, starting with reorganizing the piles of clothes with the stacking bins I got for the old armoire. Added more stuff to the yard sale box, and now happily have a lot more drawer space! I couldn’t bring myself to tackle the closet just yet, so instead I vacuumed the bedroom, hall and living room, made a decent run over the baseboards, and vacuumed and Febreezed the dog beds. It was the least I could do after scaring them with all the noise. This evening, after sitting outside at the pub with a friend drinking beer for a few hours, and following the subsequent nap when I got home, I worked a little more on the kitchen and started straightening up the living room.

Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy again, so after an Easter trip to mom’s (*groan*), I’m finally going to do the bathroom, which I have seriously been avoiding like the plague that it is, and if I survive that, then it’s dusting and polishing the wood surfaces. Except for the floors. I absolutely refuse to mop and polish those until all rain stops (or until the dogs start wearing Wellies)…and when the husband comes home so he can help!

Update: The work is mostly done, but it never really ends. The Parsley Plus from shopOrganic became the only product I needed for every single surface in the house—from the kitchen to the bathroom to even the media console—and it worked like a charm. The Twist bamboo cloth and sponges from Delight are also my new best friends, as they are seriously effective cleaning supplies that are also really cute. The reusability is the best—even after polishing the furniture with the bamboo cloth and the Howards wood polish, all I had to do was wash it out and let it dry and it is basically new again! And back to the wood polish, oh my gosh it’s the best. And it doesn’t have that nauseating almond smell like most wood cleaners. Instead its yummy sandalwood-tangerine scent is oh-so-delicious, and all of the furniture handmade by my dad is fresh and new again.

Now about those floors…

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