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Fab Five: Spring Queening Edition

April 13, 2009

We all need support, but seriously, there is a crap-ton of home cleaning and organizing books available. And I love, love, love books. But so many say the same thing in different ways (trust me, I’ve compared a few), so you’re lucky when you find a handful of great references for something. Here are my five favorite homekeeping tomes:

  • The Home Organizing Workbook: From Chronicle Books, this is a wonderful, straight-forward guide to clearing the clutter and getting organized. Instead of bombarding you with lists and chores, the book addresses specific problems in every room, offering a range of solutions that promise to help you get control of your space.
  • The Healthy Home Workbook Easy Steps for Eco-Friendly Living: Another great reference from Chronicle’s workbook collection, this is just a fantastic guide for greener and cleaner living. It features a multiple-choice approach with three levels of commitment: “Instant Gratification”, “More Committed?”, and “A Truly Healthy Home.” The spiral-bound workbook includes tabbed pages to divide sections by room, and includes a resources section with tips on pest control, non-toxic cleaning and a decent glossary of more technical terms.
  • Sink Reflections: I first heard of the FlyLady many years ago when visiting my now mother-in-law for the first time in Phoenix. We were at her romance-novel hoarding sister’s house, and they were telling me all about this thing they get email tips from and what not. Clearly sis wasn’t following the plan, which is designed around getting yourself out of “CHAOS” (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). I forgot about it until a trip to K/BIS a couple of years ago and saw it in the bookstore. What the hell, I bought it. Sink Reflections is chocked with “baby steps” and “zones” to help the near-helpless get control of whatever hell they’ve wreaked upon their homes. There are loads of tips, hilarious anecdotes and simple honest-to-god ways to make keeping a tidy and organized home part of your daily routine.
  • Real Simple Cleaning: While I’m more addicted to Real Simple’s Web site for quick ideas, this book is a super compendium of the mag’s tried and true tips for keeping and maintaining a clean home. From the checklists we talked about in Spring Cleaning: Make a Plan to specialize advice for furnishings, upholstery and more, Real Simple Cleaning promises to make the day-to-day maintenance of your home a little more fun and easy.
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