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Loving You: Anthropolgie

April 6, 2009

Going to Anthropologie is like a religious experience for me. The Web site and catalogs don’t do it justice, not by a long shot. My first in-store venture was last year on a trip to DC for my job that pays the bills. My hotel is always the same, only a mile from Georgetown, but I never got the chance to get over there until last summer. The weather was nice so I walked to Georgetown, first trying to hit DWR before they closed at 6pm. (WTF?) Major FAIL. So I turned my focus on the motherland, and headed back up to M Street. It was like being a kid in a candy store when I walked in. Where to begin? This particular store is a multi-level dream come true, so I just began to wander around texting torturous pics to a friend back home. As I made my way into the home section, a salesgirl asked if I needed anything. I told her no, just looking. She asked if this was my first time there, and I said yes, noting that a girl can’t live with catalogs alone. We then had a short conversation about how fabulous it is to experience the first time, which store she first visited, how fabulous the styling and vignettes are.

I must’ve spent an hour and a half wandering around in my own little world. I found lots of great treasures, including a handpainted “J” tile, the red enameled fleur-de-lis wall hook I’d had my eye on online, a pair of sparkly earrings and a few books. I love great shops that include a well-edited selection of books to their offerings. Not only does please the book-whore in me, but it also adds a bit of character and personality to the store. After all, you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their bookshelves.

Happily, I got to visit the Kansas City Anthropolgie this past Friday. I had gone up with my sister for the Britney Spears show (shut up, it was awesome), and was looking forward to shopping at the Plaza at least as much as I was the concert. Quite possibly more. Let me preface this by saying that my older sister and I are absolute complete opposites. We have completely different interests, which means she doesn’t like to treasure hunt, and she doesn’t share my appreciation of $40 candles. But she’s my sister and I love her.

Anyway. The Kansas City store was fantastic, albeit contained on one level. But that’s ok, because there were plenty of home treats for me to scoop up. I got two wee little herb kits, one cilantro and one rosemary. I seriously need to brighten up my green thumb, so I’m starting small. In the sale bin (!) I found a cute pair of oven mitts with a cool graphic print for just $4 each, and I’m hoping their striking style will halt my husband from shrinking them in the dryer like a certain other two sets…..

I was totally in the mood to shop last Friday. Sister and I had split up and she was wandering through the clothes section for a while. Which was fine, because I’m not a good shopping partner, I like to browse alone and without sensing the other person wants to leave. I like to walk back and forth and consider and reconsider something, like the 10 books I wanted to get. I decided to chill out on completely loading up (I’ll totally treat myself once I finish the big cleaning project), and instead got Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred, because I loved the first one so much, and Elisabeth Luard’s Classic French Cooking: Recipes for Mastering The French Kitchen because, well, I used to love cooking. Now I find it a chore, and I want to be inspired again. I’ve always wanted to learn the French traditions and techniques, so what the hell? Hopefully this will help reinspire me in the kitchen.

So now I’m living for my next in-store experience, hopefully sometime this summer when I head back to DC. Until then, I’ll survive on catalogs and trip to the Web site.

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