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Spring Queening: Make a Plan

March 27, 2009


I can’t put this off any longer. It’s time. This house is in desperate need of a good spring cleaning. It’s time to use Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook for something other than a decorative accent. The weather is finally decent enough to throw open the windows for some fresh air, and boy do we need it. I’m creating a strategy to transform this place into a sparkling show house. I’m serious.

But you can’t just rush into something like this. Oh no. You have to have a plan. And the plan is to take full advantage of an empty house when my husband goes to visit family in a couple of weeks. I know, it’s sad that my husband is going out of town and my grandest idea is to clean the hell out of the house. But it’s so much easier when there’s no one around and you can crank up the music and have a good time. Plus, it gives me time to make a plan.

Instead of tackling this masterpiece in one day, I’m going to spread out the work over a couple of days. To keep myself on track, I’m consulting all of the great room-by-room checklists available over at Real Simple. The first wave of battle will be the kitchen and bath. Best to get the really dirty business out of the way first. The next day, bedroom, living room and dining room. Which isn’t so bad since the living and dining rooms are basically one in the same. And if everything stays on track, by the weekend I’ll be able to focus completely on the most horrible mess of all, my office. It’s indescribably cluttered. Books, magazines, crafty things, tools, junk. It’s all there. And my desk is a nightmare too. This room needs some serious attention. I’ve always had messy offices, but this is just simply beyond reason. But not for long.

Next: The best thing about spring cleaning? Buying new stuff!


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