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Green Dogs

March 22, 2009


We’re constantly greening some aspect of our lives here, and lately we’ve been turning some of that eco-attentwp-econap-2tion to our dogs, Bailey and Céilí. When it was time for new beds, I started searching for replacements that were green and stylish–not necessarily an easy task. There are lots of awful-looking dog beds out there in dull, boring colors, but I found some fabulous, and well priced, alternatives over at Suburban Doghouse. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Eco Nap by West Paw Designs comes in a variety of cool hues; we have Green Tea and Willow. An extra-large bed keeps 40 bottles out of a landfill, and according to West Paw, the company has already diverted more than 409 tons!

Another favorite eco-friendly dog stuff maker is Planet Dog. If my dogs would actually play with toys, this is where I would get them. However, my guys are only interested in looking cool, so we’re left up to pd-3097-2tmaking a statement with accessories. The adjustable hemp collar and leash are fantastic and come in some very mod–and naturally dyed–colors, and the leash is fleece-lined and very comfortable on the hands. Bailey rocks the orange, while Céilí stays true to her Irish name with the apple green. And the fact that the collars coordinate nicely with the dog beds is merely an aesthetic coincidence.

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