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Stairway to Heaven

March 17, 2009
John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones

Just a quick programming note: the attic ladder was successfully installed on Friday. And I do not want to hear the sound of a pneumatic tool in my house ever again. But it’s fantastic—there’s quite a bit of storage space up there, and it looks like we may not have to add any insulation, which means next weekend the husband and I are putting down a floor upstairs! I’m all for laying down some sheets of plywood up there and calling it a day, but he’s all about these click-together floor panels that frankly are overpriced and stupid. I don’t want to spend a day drilling into the ceiling joists, I just want to create a surface and put crap up there. Tell me I’m right on this.

The one thing about the new door I didn’t realize—until the night before it was installed—was that it would be so wide that it would knock the existing ugly brass sconce off the wall (good), but was probably not even going to give me enough space to put a new light in (bad). And I’d decided to go cheap with the Glam sconce from CB2, too. The wall is so narrow, maybe three inches, and the door clearance is maybe the same, so the only thing that’s gonna fit is one of those stick-up lights. And that’s no good. And any other spot on the ceiling would be awkward I think. The ceiling is mostly attic door now.

So now I’m in search a wee little wall light that’s flat and pretty. Like me in 10th grade.

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