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Fab Five: S & P Shakers

March 16, 2009


I passively collect salt and pepper shakers. I only have six or seven pairs, and don’t intend on having a special shelf in my kitchen for them any time soon. However, when something so freakin’ cute like Alessi’s Forrest Gump set (above) comes along, one begins considering adding to one’s collection. Held to a tray with magnets, the shakers are two little cartoony trees, while a red, angry hedgehog-ish creature serves as a toothpick holder. He’s straight out of an old Super Mario game. Too cute.

I found those on Bibelot, a cool little site that I discovered while Googling “sparkler birthday candles.” Seriously. And they have them, along with loads of other great stuff, and lots of S & P shakers. Here are a couple of my other favorites at Bibelot, and other collection-worthy sets.

  • Colorful recycled melamine shakers by Zak. The eco-friendly design is part of a larger Confetti collection of other kitchen goodies, like mixing bowls and various dining pieces.
  • The “salt and peeper” shaker is simple genius: twist the little birdie’s head and its eyes change from blue to white for salt, and to black for pepper.
  • From favorite site Pedlars, this eco-friendly cork set gets a mod kick from its chrome accents.
  • And finally, over at Velocity, this clever and just a tad kooky Sea Salt and Jester set from Cerealart was created by Marcel Dzama, and is crafted of porcelain.
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  1. March 27, 2009 4:11 am

    The Alessi’s Forrest Gump set is fun. I may design a tablescape / party theme around them.

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