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Easy Chair

March 12, 2009

f_14776Despite the fact that it’s currently raining and cold (even though it was sunny and in the 70s yesterday), I’m thinking about the backyard, and sitting on the deck. This is an area that has been paid little to no attention, despite my efforts last summer of an umbrella and folding chairs I repurposed with cute weatherproof fabric seats and a few coats of spray paint. The chairs are fine, but the umbrella promptly cracked when it blew over during a very bad storm.

Someday, in the not too distant future I hope, the deck will be bigger and become a real extension of the house. But until then, I cannot get too involved with my outdoor day-cor. I’ve had my eye on DWR’s Cafe Chairs for a while; you know, the ones in every outdoor cafe in the land? They were affordable before, but now they’re 15-percent off and free shipping. Shipping’s always a bitch, but it’s their 10th birthday, so yay for that. I’m finally going to get a couple of those to go with the other pair of chairs, and am now in search of a side table and maybe something a little bigger. Oooh, something ottoman-like, but not. No cushions, I can’t deal with that right now.

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