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Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear

March 11, 2009


Work—or perhaps I should say “planning and thinking”—continues unabated on the mini bath in my office. I’ve finished painting, save for a few touch-ups here and there, and I’ll have the trim cut this week when my genius handyman comes to install my attic ladder. (More on that later) So now I’ve been able to focus on accessorizing and trying to make the most of the space.

I’ve been looking specifically for a wall cabinet or shelving, and I have to say, most of the options are hideous, poorly made or absolutely perfect and costing more tformatwallhooks9han this entire makeover has (hello retro stainless-steel cabinet!). I also didn’t want anything to take up the entire space above the loo, because I really don’t want to cover that beautiful expanse of blue. But I needed somewhere to put some of the more attractive things that don’t have to be hidden in the medicine cabinet next to my stash of Quaaludes, and CB2 has come to my rescue with their new Format collection of acrylic accessories. At 30-inches wide, the shelf is the perfect size, and with that much real estate (not to mention it can hold 50lbs.) I only need one of these low-profile beauties. I didn’t order the matching display boxes, but I did get the wall hook, which will either work well for hanging up the hair dryer or holding necklaces. It was only seven bucks, so I’m really not too concerned about its usage at this point.  But the shelf should be delivered by Friday, so I’ll have photos to show soon enough!

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