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I Love My iPhone

March 5, 2009


So we finally got our iPhones last Friday. We’re total Mac sluts, and for this thing to be out for almost two years and not having them was getting really sad face. And Verizon is awful here. But then a delightful check from Uncle Sam came last week and we decided to switch our service to the Lord of the iPhone, AT&T, and treat ourselves. Plus, I get a work discount. Horray! By last Wednesday I was getting all Violet Beauregard—“I want it nowwwwwww!”

Anyway. I love my iPhone. I love to look at it. Its award-winning design is simple and elegant…and shiny! The app icons are clever and colorful (mostly), and the display is phenomenal, albeit a fingerprint covered one. I fully expected to have scratched the back of it by now, but no. It’s magic. Still, I’m waiting on the cases I just ordered. I wanted simple, nothing bulky, no gun holster business. And I also wanted something clear, because frankly it would be criminal to cramp its style.

But I also love how the iPhone’s technology is designed. It’s so damn smart, like having a pocket version of my Macbook. Which is great at the office because I have a stupid ol’ Dell. It saves me from having to deal with crashtastic MobileMe (really?) through Windows, and I can keep up with my personal calendar and life without all that mess. Not to mention email, Facebook and Twitter all being so easily accessible. It’s absolutely fascinating to me to discover something new and great about it everyday. That’s one of the best parts, really. I mean, how cool is it to sit on your couch and launch the GPS, only for it to stick a red pin right next to your house on Google Earth? That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

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