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Flashing Lights

March 2, 2009

CB2's Glam sconce

My house was built in 1952, and I’d venture a guess that most of the lighting hasn’t been update since what appears to be a late ’70s sometime in the early ’80s makeover. Brass is the overwhelming favorite, with awful fixtures in both bathrooms, and an extremely unfortunate sconce in the hallway. My personal favorite is the diminutive crystal chandelier that hangs not exactly directly over the dining nook. It would cute and kitschy elsewhere, like in my office or the tiny half bath. And then there are the ceiling fans, all three of them, that though necessary in the South, need to be replaced with something a little less old lady.

Jonathan Adler's Parker sconce

Jonathan Adler's Parker sconce

These are things that have been overlooked in the two-a-half years we’ve lived here, but they’re starting to stick out like gaudy sore thumbs. The first two I plan to tackle are the brass two-bulb fixture in the half-bath and the evil curved arm sconce in the hall. I want something low profile in the hall, something that doesn’t protrude nearly a foot from the wall with its big glass cover. One of the most fabulous sconces I keep going back to is Jonathan Adler’s Parker sconce. I mean, it promises to “chic-ify” my life. I need that. Badly. But it’s $200. IN THIS ECONOMY. At the other end of the spectrum, CB2’s Glam sconce. It’s $35 worth of polished chrome cube-y goodness. I need to make a decision. My handyman is coming in a couple of weeks to put in attic stairs (HORRAY!), and I want to have him do this as well.

However I’m doubtful I’ll be able to decide on something for the bathroom. The brass filigree and giant white globes with this terrible gilded scroll design make my eyes bleed every time I look at them. I want something completely simple to follow along with the rest of the space. I’m sort of digging on Pottery Barn’s dual-tube sconce, the Landon. Ugh, what an awful, awful name. But it’s the minimalist look I want, and the chrome will look fantastic with the rest of the bath fixtures. I’ve thought about painting the brass monstrosity a shiny black, but I think that could be a bit much. However, making it look even worse might inspire me to finally make a decision.

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