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February 27, 2009

My graphic designer hubby is always finding cool stuff for me to obsess over. The latest? Sweet Home 3D, a free software program that allows you create amazing floor plans, put up walls, customize those walls, add windows, doors, blinds, radiators…you name it, it’s there. After you’ve set up your new 3D home, just drag and drop furniture and accessories for every room. If you’re far handier with 3D imaging than I’ll ever be, you can even create your own pieces to import into the program.

Sweet Home 3D is a very intuitive program, and while I haven’t gotten to putting together the entire house, after 10 or 15 minutes of playing around I threw together the kitchen and started playing around with whether or not I want to close up a small doorway into an adjacent room.

Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to go back to the original site for the past couple of days, and it just won’t load. But the software is available for Macs on Apple’s download page, and here for PCs. Although I can’t imagine it being much fun on a PC. : )

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