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In the Home Stretch

February 27, 2009

bluebathI’ve been working on this little half bath in my office for some time. When we found we needed to replace the potty and repair the subfloor underneath, we decided to just go ahead and replace everything. After the old vanity, sink and toilet were ripped out, my awesome handyman/jack-of-all-trades fixed the floor and left it for a couple of weeks so I could put down the tile. The bathroom is seriously just 13-square-feet, so I thought that would be a great place to try my hand at tiling.

As we’ve worked on the house, doing things environmentally friendly whenever possible has been a top priority. I found some great recylced glass mosaic tile by Vidrepur at CoolTiles. The new toilet is water-efficient, and instead of a regular faucet, I put in an American Standard metering faucet, which also saves water and shuts off automatically.

Throughout this process, it only took me forever to decide on a paint color. I knew the shade of blue I wanted, but was having a hard time find (and picking) the perfect one. I finally decided on Sherwin-Williams’ Blueblood (a great British-y blue, thank you very much), and I am loving it. Today I’m finishing up the painting and getting ready to rip up the newspaper from the floor and start decorating. I still have to put in new trim, and am considering a tiled trim around where I had to install new wall panels to cover the heinousness that lied beneath the old. But for now, this is what we have so far.

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