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Best. Quiz. Ever.

February 26, 2009

Forget those “what 80s movie are you” and “how well do you know your auto logos” on Facebook and the like. The only quiz that now matters is over at Sproost. To find out your personal style, you’ll see a number of interior shots, and you’ll rate them from “love it” to “hate it” and everything in between. I took it three times, and each time got the same results–my top three style influences are 50-percent vintage modern, 30-percent modern elegance and 17-percent contemporary.  How could something understand me so well? I fell in love.

But unlike the myriad quizzes floating around the Interwebs, Sproost doesn’t leave you hanging with just your results to ponder. After you finish, the real fun begins. Start clicking to see rooms put together with your style profile in mind, and customize them with a seemingly endless selection of furnishings and accessories. You can set a price range for the items you want, and Sproost displays everything from Target essentials to Eames originals. (At least for me anyway.) It keeps a running total of how much each room is going to cost, and when you’re ready, you can start buying thanks to easy links to the referenced sites.

So whether you’re ready to overhaul a entire room or just want to update your décor, Sproost is like having an easily accessible idea binder that you don’t have to tote around. I can’t wait to see how Sproost evolves!

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